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Cravat or tie?





There are no set rules on whether you should wear a cravat or tie for your wedding, it’s all down to personal preference all though these days ties are the most popular choice, while cravats are sometimes preferred for formal weddings. Cravats may be a little different as they are not an everyday occurrence wear. We really wanted to be able to show the benefits of both and compare the 2 side by side in order to get a real insight to what type of style suits you would love to rock at your wedding.


With the raise of formal wear amongst the younger generations, it is clear that there may be a comeback within the style world for the folded cravat. With the love for vintage items and a polished look on the raise, it’s clear to say a cravat is a winner for a stylish overall look. It has a long and illustrious history as being the forerunner to the modern tie which was born in 17th century.These seem to be more of an intricute design ranging from various folds and designs. Wedding cravats are usually pre-tied, so you just fasten them round your neck with a neck strap and adjust it for your neck size with a pin in the centre for design. Many of the cravats used for formal occasions, such as weddings, are worn with wing collar shirts although this isnt always the case. 




Ties on the other hand, offer a timeless look and adds an element of sophistication to any wedding and it’s a simple option for a man to choose as there are no clashing colours, just pure class. Both with easy to tie and usually a common known occasional wear item which isn’t so foreign to many. Ties can be used for many other occasions such as birthday parties, family events etc.. therefore you may get more use out of a suit that is accompained by a tie for future occasions. On most occasions during weddings family and friends of the bridal party often arrive with a 5 piece suit and tie. To blend? Or to be different? That’s the real question!!

But like we mentioned it’s all down to preference and what you believe looks sharp and elegant for your wedding, Keep in mind the whole party is going to look flawless once matched together. Therefore if you choose to go with a cravat, all the little ones should be matched too.




If you need or want any more ideas of styles and colour options check out our link below 

Occasionwearforkids provide wide ranges of both styles of suits to be able to match your perfect wedding dreams




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