Steps to planning a christening

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You need to be able to answer why it is you're holding a christening and for what reasons. Is this for religious significance or just following a trend/get together? When booking a church as a venue you may be asked this question, so be prepared


Choose and communicate with your Church

The first step in planning your child’s christening event is to speak with your priest or minister or the church’s office to schedule the ceremony. Ask questions so you're aware of how ceremonies at that church run and how they like to organize the day


Make a Date

Christenings usually take place on Saturdays/Sundays and last between twenty to forty minutes depending on your church. This will be crucial information for you to plan the rest of your christening party. The church will most likely be able to accommodate your requests such as decorations and flowers, within reason, and may help with planning, but make sure you book the church in advance.


Ask the God Parents

An incredible bounding moment for any parent would be choosing god parents to take on the role of looking after their child for as long as they live. Consult with them and on aspects of the party planning, or they may want to help host the gathering ( thats their new role so ask them, get them started early :)) It’s important to ensure the date you have selected to hold your child’s christening is one that is suitable for the Godparents, as they are an important tool in the christening process.


Party venue 

Function rooms and event venues make a great party location for a christening. Make sure they have the same date as your christening and the time you want in order to pull off a smooth operations.just like any party decorations and planning will need to be done by yourself, so rope as many people as you can to help you with this. Wether that be to help with food, games, decorations.


Making the guest lists and thinking about invites

Make a sampe guest list as soon as you have decided to hold the event. This will tell you budgets on food and drink, help you decide on a venue and making the invites. Make sure you send out your invites well in advance and include a simple RSVP system so that you know how many people will be coming.


Photographers ? 

You may want to hire a photographer to capture your special moments and have professional shots where your budget premits. Or you may have a family member who might do this for you 


Christening gown

Getting the right christening gown for your child is just as important, whether you follow the tradition outift or not, as this will be what the family looks back on. Remember churches can be cold! Try not to buy this too much in advance as babies are fast growers. Occasionwearforkids offer a great range of style and choose! 


Menu Planning/Cake 

Your menu should depend on the time of the ceremoney and after party. For example a morning ceremony may consist of a lunch menu or afternoon tea, A bbq during the summer might be a good idea too. As for the cake as tradion stands they usually consist of fruit cake however many like to be more modern with their chooses. Design and ideas can be up to  yourself and how you feel you want to represent the day and the child on their big day, regious or not.  


Christening Decorations

This can be anything from flowers, ballons, bubbles, lanterns.. anything that will tie in your idea of a lovely christening. No christening has to be the same, its all about entertaining and making the best possible day for your child. 


Activities for Kids

You may want to consider games to play or organise to keep them entertained during the after party. This will bring an element of family and gathering as both the adults and the children are having a good time. Consider colouring books, puzzles, crafts or maybe electronic games.


Goodie bags 

These usually consist of a little gesture to say thank you for being a part of the celebration and leaving the guests with something they can cherish through the years. This can be inexpensive ideas maybe somthing symbolic with residual value







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