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Life moves so quickly. It wasn’t 10 minutes ago you were out partying with your friends without a care in the world, and now you are a fully fledge adult with things like direct debits, insurance and weekly food shops. How did that happen?

You think about your parents with their weird dancing, big hair and embarrassing stories. You think to yourself that will never be me. I won’t fall asleep in a chair half-snoring half-dribbling on a weeknight, or create loud bodily functions and laugh at them in front of my child’s friends. No, you think I shall be a cool parent who keeps up with current fashion and lingo. I shall be a parent whose child wants to hang out with them! All of this however is just a pipe dream.

Children are hard work! They keep you up at night and have you running around all day so, you might need to catch forty winks where ever you can. As children get older, you become less cool no matter how hard you try to fight it, so I say embrace it! Embrace the out of date fashion because its comfy and you like it. Embrace the ridicule of using modern slang wrong on social media, at least you are communicating. But most of all embrace your right as a parent to make your child look a fool at any given opportunity like these wonderful individuals.

Like this child who is innocently sat on some pumpkins holding a banana, probably wondering why her parents are giggling so much.




Are you tired of your children not helping around the house and frustrated they spend so much time on the internet? Here is one way to get them to contribute.



 We all know that children like to argue and occasionally get into trouble or fights. Well here are some innovative parenting styles on discipline. 





This young girl has started to take an interest in fashion that is perhaps a little too old for her, so her dad is trying to put her straight. The back of his shirt reads:
Ask my girl if she still thinks short shorts are 'soo cute.'




When children start dating it can be scary for their parents, they can't always be there to protect them. However, this father has come up with an ingenious plan.




Doing chores and mundane tasks can be boring but there is always a way to make things entertaining. Like these people who decided to paint their house, they took a slightly repetitive job and made it fun. "Sorry son, we er... we've run out of paint"




 Social media massive part of everyday modern life. Especially teenagers who love to capture every moment as a picture however this young lady got more than she bargained for





Parents all over the world are embarrassing their children and I think it should be celebrated. We all remember being embarrassed by our parents, but it is an unspoken tradition for people to pass on the banter baton to their children. After all children can get far too big for their boots and a bit of micky taking can bring bring them back down to earth.

Sharing a laugh with your family can make any mundane situation into a treasured memory.


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