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We all know how fun it is to get kids attentions with things that will blow there minds for hours. Be a part of that magic, and follow along with our list of tricks that will have your kids wondering how are you a magician. 







All this experient requires is MILK, VINGER, BAKING SODA and FOOD COLOURING

The reaction that occurs between the milk, baking soda and vinegar causes a surprising, fizzy eruption that'll leave your kids amazed. 

Place all the milk into a dish or plate (remember this may overflow) and all the other incrediants. Lasting place a drop of any food colouring, several work better for the effect. And simply sit and watch the magic happen.






Although this experiment is simple, it never disappoints.All you need is a plastic baggie, a sharp pencil and water.

Fill the plastic baggie 3/4ths full with water and seal it shut, then hold the baggie up with one hand while using the other to push the pointy end of the pencil through the side. Continue to push until the point punctures the other side of the bag. The water won't spill because the baggie is made out of polymer, which have long chains of flexible molecules. Those molecules create a seal surrounding the pencil so that the water doesn't leak.





Move over Haribo! Simply place the Gummy treats into a bowl or cup with water and watch them expand. This experiment can be carried out in several tempatures, which one will make them grow quicker and better?  The concept behind this experiment is that gummy candies are porous, and can therefore absorb a lot of water. So much so, in fact, they can grow quite dramatically, Which is an awesome trick to watch. The gelatin keeps the gummies from dissolving,therefore making them ediable for consumtion after this cool experiment. 






The supplies you will need to create this clever trick are simple.. TEA BAG, DISH,CUP and a LIGHTER. The flying tea bag functions similarly to hot air balloons in that they both rely on the fact that heat rises. The air inside the bag is hotter, and therefore less dense, than the air outside of it.

  1. Remove the staple, label and string from the teabag.
  2. Pour the tea away 
  3. Unfold the teabag
  4. shape the teabag into a cylinder
  5. Stand the cylinder on one end on a plate. Make sure it's on a flat surface.
  6. Use a lighter to set the top of the teabag cylinder on fire.

What happens? You should see the ashes of the teabag fly into the air!






Fun fact: Tonic water glows under black light! This occurs due to the fluorescence of the quinine in the sparkling water. 


Ingredients –  

  • 1 packet of jelly (any clear colour flavour)
  • 1 cup of Tonic Water
  • Boiling water

Simply replace one cup of boiling water (follow packet instructions) with one cup of warm Tonic Water. Use the microwave on medium for 1 minute to gently heat the soda water.
Mix all the ingredients then place in the refrigerator to set as per the packet instructions. And once set watch your kids become amazed as the lights turn off they believe theyre eating radioactive power jelly :) 






Make your very own rainbow  by dipping black paper in a bowl of water with one or two drops of clear nail polish in it. Place it in the sunlight, and before you know it, vibrant patterns will begin to appear. Be sure to dip the paper in the water within 10–15 seconds after dropping the nail polish in for the best effect.



Thank you for reading, and we hope you turn yourself into a magic whizard for your kids to find you the coolest person around!!





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