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The first dance is considered a delicate and important part of any ones wedding. It’s a moment where you have all eyes on you and your love for your partner. And while many of you may be stuck and contemplating what song to choose for your big moment, many couple are deciding to spice it up and are going viral with their creative dances. Couples have been staging and preparing hilarious dance monents that have been captured on tape. So we’ve rounded up the best moments and dance routines circling around the interweb for your enjoyment. You might not be considering to be all that brave and bash out a coordinated dance routine at your own wedding but these will be sure to put a smile on your face.



Mother and sons first dance 



There isnt any better than your mother shocking everyone and pulling out some up to date dance moves. What a sport she is, and it made an amazing first family dance that im sure everyone who witnessed will remeber


The Groom's Justin Bieber Surprise



Groom gets down to the tune 'Baby' by Justin bieber with the help of his enthusiatic groomsmen. One that must have taken alot of effort and time to pull off those dance moves together. 


 Couples dance medley jam 


This couple smashed out a 6 minute structured routine with hits such like Kanye West, Destiny's Child, Beyonce and R Kelly.


The bride Hollie said: "I know, we can't believe its got to 3 million views now. I wanted to do something different, something a little more fun. "I think our ushers and bridesmaids thought we were joking to begin with."


Ryan and Leahs Epic first dance medley 



This video will be sure to put a smile on your face as Ryan and Leah capiture some of the greatest and current songs around with accurate and polished dance moves that had the family laughing and snapping away 


Bridge, groom, bridesmaids and bestmen all join 



This groom planned an amazing Rendition of a popular michael jackson song in which even the bridemaid joined in on. 

The bridal party practiced this dance only via web, and rehearsed together in person the night before the wedding, utterly amazing!




Its clear to see that many newlyweds are stepping outside of the box and becoming creative feet wizards to remember their special dance. And its even better that they are sharing this moment with the rest of the world. Alot of couples are making a little fortune by feating these videos on youtube, as the views rack up so does the cash coming in.  It's definitely something to think about when questioning to jazz up your dance number, make sure someone with a steady hand is there to capture it = Make millions :) 

Who knows your wedding dance might consist of a thriller Rendition


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