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A delicious wedding cake is one of the centerpiece of a wedding and usually sits in a place of honor. This carefully planned confection is a timeless tradition dating back to Medieval times. Back in the day wedding cakes would follow a plain tradition with a fruity center, however with the change in times wedding cakes have a more vocal point on the couples personality and traits together. This sometimes consists of funny, creative or detailed all of which make a wedding unique which is why more and more couples are thinking out side the box to impress their guests with a personal touch and creative flare. 

The cake cutting represents the first activity done as a couple, so its safe to say all eyes on the bride, groom and the cake. This is why people find it an important step to their wedding to get right and wow the on lookers. 


Here are a couple of our favorite creative wedding cakes that we have rounded up in order to get your minds ticking into the sort of ideas and direction your cake could take to top off your wedding 



Taking this cake right back to being a kid, when you would etch into bark the name of your lover as a sense of pride was turned into a brilliant cake idea. The flowers add an element of tradition and elegance to this brilliantly created idea




An elegant touch but with a sense of nature and pureness which real makes this simple but creative cake stand out from the crowd 



This clever cake almost looks like a compromise between two lovers. 'no dear i want a chocolate cake' Meeting half way to create a real mixture of ideas



Again trying to keep a traditional cake form with a hidden twist, which really makes this cake pop with colour and is bound to get some laughs as you see the couples personalty hidden in the cake 



Simple cake idea with an element of nature with the bark and the pure fruit. A simple piece that doesn't need much to catch your eye



New trends have been emerging of cupcakes replacing the tradtion tiered cake. This infusion of the both is a real stunning collection of the both. The colour contrast against the white really maked the details come to life and it gives alot of choice too. ' would you like cake or a cupcake to take home' 



Being a big kid at heart by adding everyones childhood favourite hundreds and thousands. Makes this cake come to life in the simpliest of ways. 



This cake immerged lights into their cake to really give the sense of a winter wonderland cake, which we think is a amazin touch.. just dont go eating the lights!  



This cute picture frames almost signifys the future ahead to fill the rest with memories together 



Changing it up a little with the style and theme of the cake. But this cake with its fine intricate details is sure to get everyone saying wow how? I cant possibly eat that 



My personal favourite which incorpates donuts as a alternative to a wedding cake. Maybe because of my love for donuts make this acceptable but you have to admit this must be a budget friendly alternative 



Crazy twist with a horror theme. The topper really ties in the whole theme of being her hero from what appears a blood bath war 



This cake really protrays the personalty of the couple with a touch of both 





Impressive cake with real fish swimming around as the bride appears to be catching her husband and not the fish as shes found her fish. Really creative and funny concept that really took the cake design outside of the box 



This cake really shines with all the fine detail and gold trimming details, which makes for an extra elegant cake




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